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  • Ami Adler

The Gift of Beauty

Towsley Canyon, Newhall, California (3/10/2024)

The Background:

I took this shot on the Wiley Canyon Loop in Newhall California.  I was coming out of the canyon just as the sun was setting on this beautiful scene.  I loved the soft pink and blue hues in the background – I had to stop and snap a few photos to try and capture the peace and tranquility of this moment.

The Message:

The magic of sunset and sunrise really stirs something within us – there seems to be a primal beauty that speaks to something deep within our souls.  When I look at this picture, the soft lighting, the hint of color, and the combination of the different elements in the scene create within me a feeling of calm and connection.  I often wonder why the transition from day to night has this impact on us as humans – why the need for the magical colors and the feeling in the air that seem to accompany this time?  I think, on some level, this is simply a gift.  G-d could have created a simple on/off transition at the end of each day – but He chose to instill these moments with deep beauty and meaning as a way of demonstrating His love for us.  There may not be a practical need for these magical moments – but that is what makes them so much more powerful and moving, especially if we can tap into the special message behind the scenes.

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