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  • Ami Adler

Close Encounters

Madison Falls, Olympic National Park - Washington (08/03/2023)

The Background:

I took this shot near Madison Falls in Olympic National Park.  It was crowded at the waterfall, so I decided to hike up a smaller trail for a little solitude.  There wasn’t much to see along this trail, but the lack of other hikers gave me the opportunity to capture a closeup shot of this frog.

The Message:

G-d runs the entire universe, but He also arranges the details in each of our lives.  Some of the most special moments that I have experienced in nature are the interactions with wildlife.  The moment of discovering an animal along the trail feels like a special gift – I like to think that G-d has arranged it just for me.   But it is not just these moments that are a gift, everything that happens in our lives has been designed just for us by our Creator.  If we can look at life through that lens it will transform all our experiences and interactions – helping us to navigate the challenges and appreciate the blessings that are sent our way.

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