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  • Ami Adler

Light Amidst the Darkness

Powell Point, Grand Canyon - Arizona (2/6/2024)

The Background:

I took this shot about an hour and a half before sunrise at Powell Point in the Grand Canyon.  I had intended to arrive closer to sunrise but couldn’t sleep and decided to get an earlier start.  When I arrived, it was almost pitch black but there was a small amount of light visible over the horizon.  I experimented with some long exposures to try and capture that light and was blown away by the results.  What was barely visible to the naked eye turned out to be such a dramatic scene hiding in plain view. 

The Message:

What I like most about this image is the fact that the camera was able to capture light and color I didn’t even know was there.  Often in life things appear completely dark and we can have a hard time seeing the light.  We may feel there is no hope or no way to feel better.  Sometimes this darkness surrounds us for short periods of time before we can move past it.  Other times, it stays with us, and we struggle for days or months to find the light.  I think that knowing that the light is present – even if we can’t see it – can help us move forward.  Sometimes, seeing things from a different perspective will help us see it – other times, that new perspective comes from another person – and in some cases, it just takes time until we can feel it – but the light is there, even in the darkest moments.

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