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Scenes for the Soul

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Welcome to my blog - I wanted to provide some context to what I hope to share here.

Each post will feature a photograph that I have taken and I will try and share two aspects of that photo:

The background

This section will share some practical details behind getting the shot. This may include how I got there, the timing, some details about the trip itself or some notes on what photography techniques I may have used. I hope that this section helps to provide some context to the photograph and the personal experience that went into it. A beautiful photograph is enjoyable to look at, but I think it creates a deeply personal and meaningful connection when I can share the experience that went into it - and hopefully that adds additional depth to the impact of the photo as well.

The Message

In this section, I try to share a personal message or meaning that I found in the photo or something that I think we can use to help us in our life's journey. I try to share some inspiration or deeper meaning that helps me in my goal of connection to G-d and spiritual growth. For me, appreciating nature and the great outdoors is a spiritual and uplifting pursuit. I hope that these messages which come from my heart may help touch your heart as well and create a deeper bond with G-d and strengthen us in our day to day lives.

(Please note, my perspective is coming from an Orthodox Jewish perception of G-d and is heavily influenced by the Torah [Jewish Bible] - However, I believe that the messages that I share are universally meaningful to all those that strive for a life of growth and connection to a Higher Power)

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3 commentaires

Naomi Elizabeth Drucker CNM
Naomi Elizabeth Drucker CNM
22 janv. 2023

I love the thoughtful message here. Thanks Ami.


Ami Adler
Ami Adler
21 oct. 2022

I hope to be able to post a new one each week - typically on Sunday- but we shall see... 😀


Judy Gruen
Judy Gruen
29 sept. 2022

These are magnificient photographs! I can't wait to see more of them as you are able to post.

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