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Start Your Day

Updated: May 5

Sandstone Peak, Santa Monica Mountains – California (12/25/2023)

The Background:

I took this shot from the top of Sandstone Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains.  I took my youngest son on this hike which we started in the dark about an hour before sunrise.  We were able to navigate to the top of the peak by flashlight and got to experience an amazing sunrise to start our day.

The Message:

I think the way we start our days has such an impact on our overall attitude and experience.  When we wake up with worries or fears about our day or apprehension about our busy schedule, the tasks we must accomplish or the challenges we face – those negative thoughts seem to color everything we experience.  Alternatively, when we can face the day with excitement about the opportunities ahead of us and joy in how we can connect and be of service to others – our entire day takes on a new meaning.  It may be difficult to see the joy in every day – but perhaps if we can focus our first thoughts on gratitude, we can still establish a positive mindset.  Whatever we must face that day – even if it is challenging or difficult – there is always something to be thankful for.  The opportunity to live another day is a beautiful gift.  Whatever mistakes we made yesterday, whatever imperfections we still struggle with – today is another chance and a new beginning.  Thank You G-d for Today!

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