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  • Ami Adler

Why Me?

La Tuna Canyon Trail - California (1/14/2024)

The Background:

I captured this image along the La Tuna Canyon Trail in the Verdugo Mountains in California.  While the scene was not spectacular, I really loved the one yellow leaf among all the green.  It got me thinking about a message that I wanted to share…

The Message:

There are times when we may feel so different from others around us.  We may wonder, why are things that are easy for others so difficult for us?  We might require constant effort to maintain our happiness – or we may need to put in more work to maintain our relationships.  We may need extra support to handle our anxiety – or we may need constant reassurance that we are doing the best we can.  These things may seem effortless to those around us, and we are left feeling broken or damaged.  I believe that the reality is that we each have areas where we have to work harder to maintain equilibrium.  We may look at others and see them manage with ease, but we don’t see the other areas where they themselves are struggling and see us as a model.  G-d designed each of us with our flaws and our shortcomings and these are no coincidence.  When we question why we must struggle or put in that extra effort, we should know that this is our opportunity to grow.  If we must put in more work in one aspect of our lives, we can use that recognition to connect with and empathize with others who may be struggling as well, realizing that everyone feels like their struggles are unique, but we are truly all in this together.

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