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  • Ami Adler

Wandering Paths

Updated: Jan 6

Moonscape Overlook - Utah (10/25/2022)

The Background:

This shot was taken at Moonscape Overlook in the Utah Badlands. The location was off the beaten path and the scene that we observed was completely out of this world. We were on a plateau overlooking this valley as the sun was rising and it was difficult to choose an area of this beautiful landscape to focus on. This was my favorite shot from the area - I love how this photo captured the amazing rock formations in the background along with the patterns, textures and paths in the foreground.

The Message:

One of the elements that really draws me into this picture are the many paths that wind through the scene like rivers in the dry and barren landscape. Sometimes in life we can feel like we are on a very winding path. Nothing is straight forward or easy – life seems to take us in so many different directions - and we wonder where we are really going. Thankfully, every once in a while, we can look back and see why some of those detours were necessary and were part of our growth or part of our larger mission. Sometimes we needed to make mistakes to truly learn certain lessons. Other times we just had to try different approaches until we found one that worked. Ultimately, life is about the journey, and it is important to remind ourselves that we don’t always know what our destination is – but we can be confident that the twists and turns are an integral part of our unique path.

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