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Updated: May 25

Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

The Background:

This was my final photograph of the day from the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I had spent most of the day taking shots of the actual canyon, trying to capture its amazing colors, patterns and its vastness. As it began to get darker, I assumed I was done for the day, however, I ended up snapping this last photo which turned out to be one of my favorites from the entire trip. The intricate patterns of the branches with the spectacular and unexpected purple color really made this scene stand out.

The Message:

Sometimes we feel that we are reaching our limit – it is too hard, or getting too dark and we are ready to give up. I think this photo reminded me that we really never know when things can dramatically change. My expectations were to capture pictures of the Grand Canyon itself and my assumption was that it was too dark to do that. The reality was that the picture I was meant to take was not even of the canyon - and the darkness that I thought was the end – was really the beginning of the most amazing color and light that I had seen all day. In life, we can’t always see the whole picture (pun intended) – we have certain plans and expectations, and we make certain assumptions about how things should go – but we should always remind ourselves that we are not in control and we need to be ready to let go of our assumptions and expectations – what we think is the end may turn out to be the beginning.

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