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  • Ami Adler

Turn Down the Volume

Updated: 6 days ago

Zion National Park, Utah

The Background:

I took this picture in the middle of a snowstorm in Zion National Park. Zion is a very popular national park and it can be very difficult to feel any sense of solitude while visiting. However, in the winter the park is much quieter, and I was very lucky to be there during a rare winter storm. Being in the middle of a small group of trees, with the snow and the fog surrounding me I could really appreciate the quiet beauty of the park and enjoy a special moment of solitude in a location that I really connect with.

The Message:

We spend so much time with so many thoughts running through our heads and so much background noise filling our minds. We are distracted by the past or the future, by the constant demands placed upon us or by those things that we fill our minds with to avoid the feeling of emptiness. I think it is so important to “turn the volume down", and really think about where we are and ultimately who we are. When there are no distractions, what kind of person are we? What really matters to us? These can be difficult and sometimes painful thoughts – to spend time with ourselves and figure out who we really are. But as we spend more time alone with our thoughts, we can begin to better understand our motivations as well as the areas that need improvement. Ultimately, these brief pauses will help infuse all the other moments with greater purpose and clarity.

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