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  • Ami Adler

The Unexpected

The Background:

I took this shot a little over a week ago. I was planning on doing a shorter hike, but I realized that I could continue to the top of Calabasas Peak and perhaps catch a glimpse of the rare snow-covered mountains surrounding Los Angeles. We recently had an unusual cold front in LA with much lower-than-normal temperatures and rain. As a result, we got to experience scenes such as this one which are incredibly rare in this area. Despite the unexpected extension to the hike, I was extremely happy that I got to see and capture this once in a lifetime scene of the snowcapped mountains at sunset.

The Message:

I like to know what to expect – I want to plan and prepare for the possibilities so there are no surprises. Last minute changes of plans or unexpected surprises can be very stressful. The experience on this hike was definitely one that I had not planned on (in fact, I ended up hiking back down the mountain using the flashlight on my phone – which I do not recommend!). However, the amazing experience of seeing snow-covered mountains at sunset around Los Angeles was unforgettable. It reminded me that sometimes we need to be a little more flexible and more open to the unexpected – and even embrace it - the outcome may be something totally amazing…

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