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  • Ami Adler

The Right Combination

Updated: Mar 30

South Caineville Mesa - Utah (10/24/2022)

The Background:

I took this photo on a fall photography workshop based out of Hanksville Utah. What I love about the shot is the amazing combination of elements – I feel like we have three seasons represented: The fall foliage, the winter mountains and the dry summer mesa. Each on its own has some interest, but what really brought this photo together was the combination of all three.

The Message:

When working to improve ourselves, we can often try many strategies. Every new approach seems to hold hope for real change, only to peter out and leave us back were we started. How many different ways can we try and attack the same problem – or how many times will we try the same approach hoping this time will be different? I think one source of hope is that sometimes the solution is a combination of elements coming together at the right time. We may have tried many different strategies individually, which – on their own – did not work. But now that we have that experience, we may find that we can put them together to find a winning combination that results in real long-term growth.

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