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  • Ami Adler

The Moment

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Joshua Tree National Park, California (1/30/2022)

The Background:

I took this shot on a family vacation to Palm Desert. When I first came across this scene, I could see the small sliver of the moon and the potential for a great shot – but it was still dark and there wasn’t much drama to the scene. As the glow of the sunrise began to appear, with the moon remaining visible – it created an amazing moment of drama and contrasts. Shortly afterward, as the sun began to rise, the moon was no longer visible, and the magic was gone.

The Message:

To me, this shot really speaks to “the moment.” In life, we spend so much time focusing on the past – on our failures or the strategies that did not work – and we let those experiences impact our ability to create a brighter future. We can also burden ourselves by focusing too much on the future – on how changes we make today are unlikely to remain consistent in the future or on how much work it will be to maintain the positive momentum we may have. If we focus on the moment – setting aside the patterns of the past and the fear of the future – we can truly grow and get closer to fulfilling our tremendous potential. Tap into the magic of the moment and don’t let the past or the future hold you back!

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