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  • Ami Adler

The Long Way Around

Canyon Overlook Trail, Zion National Park, Utah (11/26/2018)

The Background:

I took this photo along the Canyon Overlook Trail in Zion National Park. I saw a group of Bighorn Sheep further up on the trail and pulled out my telephoto zoom lens to capture them from afar. After taking a couple of shots, my lens suddenly stopped working. I had to switch back to my regular lens and could not capture any closeup images. A little later, I spotted another group of Bighorn down below the trail. The pictures were not very closeup or very interesting, but I enjoyed the experience. Suddenly the entire group decided that they wanted to head higher up the hill and took the path right next to me. After getting over the initial shock of how close they were, I captured several closeup shots (even with my standard lens) – this one was my favorite of the batch.

The Message:

Sometimes we have to take the long way around. We end up getting to a point in life, and we wonder why it took us so long to get there – wasn’t there a more straightforward path? We may have taken many detours to get where we are, and we wish we had taken a more direct approach. While we don’t fully understand, we can sometimes see that we weren’t ready, or we didn’t have a deep enough understanding of ourselves at the time. We will ultimately get where we need to go, G-d guides our path in life, and the longer road we may have to travel is ultimately for our own good.

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