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  • Ami Adler

The Little Details

Updated: Apr 14

Santa Monica Mountains – California

The Background:

I captured this scene many years ago in the Santa Monica Mountains. I love the multiple levels of detail in this photo: The stalk of grass, the ladybug, the light dusting of dew and the single dew drop dripping from the top. In fact, if you look even closer, you can see an amazing reflection of the surrounding scene in the dew drop itself.

The Message:

Whenever I am out in nature, I try and pay attention to the little details. As described above, there are so many layers of detail to this image with each one adding new depth and meaning to the scene. In life, the same is true – it is the small details that really make the difference - but how many of these do we even notice? When our children want to tell us about the minutiae of their day, how much attention do we really pay? When someone in our family seems to be down or a little off their game, do we notice and let them know we are there to help? How many people in our lives just need to be recognized and given a little extra attention? When I walk around with a camera, it is second nature to look closely – but, in life, we need to constantly remind ourselves to look for the little things and pay attention to the details that really matter.

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