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  • Ami Adler

The Light of Hope

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Near Mt. Carmel Junction, Utah (3/8/2021)

The Background:

This shot was taken in an unnamed slot canyon in Southwest Utah. There is something so magical about being inside of a slot canyon – you are often completely cut off from the outside world with only a small amount of light peeking in – it feels like a different world. I took several shots of this area, many of them of the larger context of the scene including the trail winding between the walls of the canyon. However, this version - which completely removed any external context and just focused on the patterns and the light – is the one that really moved me.

The Message:

What I see in this image is the light of hope being right around the corner. Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that we just can’t see a way out of, and we feel we are completely stuck. Often, the best thing that we can do is to continue to move forward, trusting that there is hope around the next bend. In this image, we can’t even see the path – but we know that there is light coming from above and if we can stay focused on reaching that light, we can be confident that G-d will help us get there.

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