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  • Ami Adler

Take a Break

The Background:

I captured this image many years ago along the Maui Coast in Hawaii. I think it is the quintessential vacation picture – the setting sun, the swaying palm trees, the lapping of the waves on the beach. You can almost hear and feel the experience of a relaxing day at the beach – leaving your cares and worries behind…

The Message:

Sometimes we just need a break. Personal growth and self-improvement are things we constantly need to work on – but we also need to make sure our batteries are charged. We cannot be the best version of ourselves, and we cannot be there for the ones around us if we don’t also take care of ourselves. This may mean a short stroll around the block, reading a good book or listening to a song – or it may mean a day at the beach, a road trip or a vacation. We each have something unique that helps us recharge, that feeds our soul and helps us to come back with a renewed passion and excitement for life. Find those activities and try and build them into your life – you deserve it, and ultimately you are helping yourself and those around you.

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