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  • Ami Adler

Stuck in Place

Updated: Apr 28

Kanarra Falls - Kanarraville, Utah (10/24/2022)

The Background:

I took this shot on the hike to Kanarra Falls in the town of Kanarraville, Utah. This hike is one of my absolute favorites – it travels along and through a river, goes through two slot canyons and has three waterfalls along the way. As I entered the first slot canyon, I came across this single yellow leaf stuck in the flow of the river. I loved the one bright spot of color in the otherwise very dark scene.

The Message:

Like the leaf in this photo, we can sometimes feel stuck in place. We may not be able to move forward due to the pressures we feel or the things that weigh us down. Sometimes these outside forces are real, and we truly don’t know how to deal with them – but other times we may be holding ourselves back. We each have things about ourselves we are willing to change and things we tend to hold on to for dear life. If we are willing to let go of those “hangups” and release our grip just a little, we may find that we are able to go with the flow and suddenly find ourselves in a better place.

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