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  • Ami Adler

Stop and Smell the Roses

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Red Canyon, Utah (10/28/2020)

The Background:

This photograph was taken on the Arches Trail in Red Canyon (near Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah). The trail passes through amazing scenery and rock formations including arches and hoodoos. But, despite those more prominent features, the scene that really stood out for me was this one, which was essentially the debris on the side of the hill that the trail traversed. There was something so special about the glow of the sunlight peeking out from behind the log and the coloration of the rock in the center combined with the branches and pinecones that really created a magical scene.

The Message:

I think the adage “stop and smell the roses” doesn’t go far enough. Roses are beautiful and eye-catching, so we can understand that we need to take a moment from our busy lives and appreciate them. But I think we need to take this one step further and notice the beauty that surrounds us that may not be as obvious. Despite the larger and more impressive rock formations that were on display along this hike, the simple collection of natural elements and glowing light was something that I needed to slow down to appreciate. There is so much beauty in the things and the people around us, we just need to open our eyes and our hearts.

I also see in this picture a metaphor for the glowing heart and soul that lies beneath the surface of each of us (and might, over time, be covered by layers of debris) – and how we need to take a moment to appreciate the light inside ourselves and in those around us.

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