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  • Ami Adler

Seasons of Growth

The Background:

I captured this image along the Cold Creek Trail in Calabasas, California. This was in the middle of a very rainy season in Los Angeles, and it was amazing to see the impact that had on the surrounding area. I loved how lush everything was – to the point where even the rocks were covered in greenery.

The Message:

If we visited this location today, I am sure that we would find that most of the moss was gone, and we would just see an unimpressive rock. I was lucky to capture a special moment when the conditions were just right to turn this simple scene into a lush masterpiece. The same can be true in our lives – we may experience seasons of tremendous growth – when the right conditions are present, and things just come together easily. At other times, growth can be a huge struggle, we feel burnt out and the conditions just don’t seem conducive to improvement. We need to remind ourselves that this is part of the normal cycle of life and that if we can hang on to some of our gains and maintain our spiritual drive – a new season will arrive, and we will be ready to take advantage of it.

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