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  • Ami Adler


The Background:

I captured this image a few weeks ago on a vacation to Albion, California (a few hours North of San Francisco). This waterfall is located in Russian Gulch State Park and is accessed via a beautiful trail through the woods. I used a long exposure to capture both the power and the flow of the water. I love how the lighting highlights the ancient logs and moss surrounding the falls to really complete the scene.

The Message:

There is something about the bright splash of water at the top of this photo that really brings to mind the concept of recharging and re-energizing. The combination of power, brightness and flow evokes that desire that we all have to be excited, energized and overflowing with passion.

I began to realize recently that we all recharge in different ways. Some of us need small bursts of energy daily, others may need a weekly recharge, still others may need a larger infusion every few months. The important point is for each of us to identify both what activities recharge us as well as what the right interval is to keep us focused. In addition, if we can better understand what helps those around us recharge, we can be better partners in ensuring that we provide the space and the opportunities for those vital moments to take place.

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