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  • Ami Adler

Open the Door

Sandstone Peak - Santa Monica Mountains, California (12/25/2023)

The Background:

I captured this image from the trail to Sandstone Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains.  I took my youngest son on this hike which started off in the dark prior to dawn.  As we approached the summit, we saw this beautiful scene unfold before us as the sun was rising and the clouds settled across the landscape.  I love how the early morning fog settled into each depression between the hills creating an ethereal scene.  But what is most remarkable about this view is that despite looking like a scene from a national park, we are actually looking at the city of Westlake Village which we could see clearly just a few hours later.

The Message:

For me the rolling fog is what really transforms this scene.  It creates drama and magic – turning a simple landscape into something unknown and mysterious.  I think there is also a deeper message in how the fog has settled in the valleys and canyons between the hills.  I think that G-d’s presence and blessings also rest where we give them space to do so.  When we try and control things, there is no place for G-d’s gifts.  When we think we are higher than others or have the power on our own and don’t need help, we leave no space for the beauty of connection and love.  The more we realize that we need G-d in our lives, the more He will be there for us.  Let us all try and leave that space and open the door to the goodness that is waiting to be let in…

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