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  • Ami Adler

My One Prayer

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Moonscape Overlook – Utah Badlands (October 2022)

The Background:

I had someone capture this moment for me after saying morning prayers at the remote Moonscape Overlook in the Utah Badlands.  I wanted to capture not just what I saw, but also, the experience of being there.

The Message:

I was thinking about the unique opportunity of having a private audience with our creator during our prayers.  What should we ask for during that moment?  Sometimes I feel that I have everything I need and can’t think of anything to ask for.  Other times, I feel there is too much to ask for that I can’t possibly articulate it.  But if I could only ask for one thing, I think it would be that the world should see and feel the presence of G-d.  If everyone had an awareness of G-d and the Holiness of each and every one of us, everything would be so different.  There would be no hostages to bring home or war that threatens our land and our people.  People would connect and care for each other in a profound way and truly seek out the goodness and beauty in everyone.  We would seek meaning and connection instead of focusing on ourselves and our desires.  This is the Prayer that I want to ask for – that G-d will reveal his presence to us and we will all be transformed in the process.

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