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  • Ami Adler

Moments of Inspiration

The Background:

I had someone capture this moment for me after saying morning prayers at the remote Moonscape Overlook in the Utah Badlands. I have several pictures that I really love that were shot from this location (See this Blog Post), but I also wanted to be able to look back at the experience of being there – not just what I saw, but also to try and capture where I was and what I felt.

The Message:

It is not difficult to imagine the inspiration of this moment – connecting to G-d in a beautiful and unique location overlooking amazing scenery as the sun is rising and the day is beginning. But how do we capture that moment of inspiration and keep it with us throughout our days?

I want to suggest that perhaps we don’t have to…I think many of us place unrealistic expectations of life being constantly inspired, consistently joyful and always deeply meaningful. I think we do have to appreciate the moments that are inspirational, the periods of joy and the deeper meaning of our life – but without feeling the pressure that we have to make every moment special and every moment impactful. Sure, we should try and find those moments as frequently as possible – but let’s also allow ourselves to experience “real life” – sometimes boring, uninspired and less meaningful. That is all part of the wonderful journey that we are on – we can experience all of it – the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows – and everything in between. Let’s appreciate it all – as it is – not as we think it needs to be…

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