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  • Ami Adler

Moment of Clarity

Updated: Feb 11

Factory Butte, Utah Badlands (10/26/2022)

The Background:

This shot was taken on a photography workshop I attended in the Utah Badlands. Factory Butte is an amazing rock formation that rises prominently from the surrounding landscape. We had been shooting in this area since before sunrise and it had been a little overcast for most of that time. As we started heading towards our next shooting location, the clouds separated, the blue sky could be seen, and we experienced some beautiful light shining through. The dappled light highlighted the amazing textures of the Butte and made this moment really stand out. To capture the larger scene and provide some context within the landscape, I combined 6 individual shots to create this larger panorama.

The Message:

Life often lacks clarity - the right direction or the correct approach may not always be clear. But every once in a while, you have a moment when the light shines through the clouds and you can see clearly what your next step should be. I think the key to success in life is to grab those moments and turn them into action. Don’t wait until tomorrow or put something on your calendar for later – do something now. Even if you can’t do it all in this moment, do something small and easy immediately to cement the experience and establish your commitment. The first step is often the hardest – so take it as soon as you feel that clarity – and hopefully that action will put you on the path of continued growth…

To view a small collection of other panoramas I have taken, please visit the following link:

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