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  • Ami Adler

Messages for the Future

The Background:

This scene was captured on the trail to Mouse’s Tank in Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. The native inhabitants of this area created these Petroglyphs by chipping away the desert varnish (the black surface that you see covering the rock) to create images and messages by exposing the lighter sandstone beneath it. I loved the dual contrast between the lighter petroglyphs and the darker rock as well as the beautiful contrast between the rock and the blue sky.

The Message:

I love the idea behind these petroglyphs - of transmitting messages from generation to generation. What are we trying to transmit to our children? Are we teaching them to focus on things that are truly meaningful and valuable? More importantly, are we showing them that vulnerability and imperfection are acceptable and desirable – or do we try to hide our true feelings behind an outer stoicism? I often worry that in our desire to raise children who are successful and confident, that we unknowingly perpetuate the ideal of perfectionism, and we inadvertently discourage true expressions of emotion.

I think the “Petroglyphs” that we should leave for our children should tell them that they are “perfectly imperfect” and that they should embrace their feelings and inner voice. Striving to improve (without the pressure of achieving perfection) is a great accomplishment on its own and being in touch with your emotions is the primary way to connect deeply with others and truly express your talents and passions.

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