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  • Ami Adler


The Background:

I captured this image near Lunada Bay in Palos Verdes California. I loved the weathered shape and the amazing patterns of these rocks. I took many shots of the wider beach and surrounding scenes, but I loved the simplicity of this shot focused in on a few of the many rocks that littered this area of the coast.

The Message:

The rounded corners of these rocks remind us of the power of water to impact something strong and solid simply through the force of repetition. We know that over time small actions can have a huge impact. However, it can be very difficult to maintain small actions of change when we don’t yet see them making any difference. Perhaps if we look closer we can find inspiration – does the change in the rock suddenly happen after thousands of repetitions without any impact before then? Clearly each and every wave crashing on the shore had some tiny effect on the stones – it may not have been visible – but it was still happening. The same is true of our actions – it may take many repetitions before we see any major changes in our behavior – but we should not despair – every single positive action we take makes an impression and has a positive impact. Let us try and appreciate the value of each small action – even if we never see the impact – I have no doubt that G-d cherishes every single one of them.

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