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  • Ami Adler

The Good and The Bad

Updated: Feb 6

Kanarra Falls, Kanarraville - Utah (10/27/2022)

The Background:

I captured this scene on the Kanarra Falls hike in Southern Utah. I had actually done this hike on a previous trip with my daughter, and we made it to the main waterfall and to one smaller waterfall beyond that. On this trip, I discovered that there was a third waterfall beyond those two that required wading through water that was in some places thigh deep. However, when I made it to the end and came across this scene with the double falls and the amazing canyon colors it was definitely worth the effort.

The Message:

When I shared this picture with a friend, he saw a beautiful message that I wanted to share:

In the photo we see two waterfalls, but they both come from the same pool. In life, we often see things as being either good or bad – we perceive that there are two totally separate streams with two totally different sources. But if we look a little higher at the source of the streams, we can see that they come from the same place. Everything we experience in life comes from a loving G-d who cares for us and wants to help us. Sometimes what we perceive as bad is ultimately for our benefit and sometimes what we see as good can be detrimental to our long-term success. Our mission is to take everything that we are given in life and use it to grow and improve – knowing that our perception of what is best for us is not always accurate and that there is a higher source that truly knows what the optimal circumstances are for our success.

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