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  • Ami Adler

Floating Along

Second Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington (8/2/2023)

The Background:

I captured this image on a photography workshop a few months ago in Washington State. We were photographing the tide pools at Second Beach when I noticed this Sea Otter happily floating by on the waves. He looked so calm and peaceful, and I loved this moment when he seemed to be looking right at me.

The Message:

I think we all have the desire to reach a point where we can just coast – where we can just float along with the currents of life without having to exert ourselves. We may be willing to put in the work of improving ourselves, but the ultimate goal is to “get better” and then have everything be easy from there. The reality is that self-improvement, by definition, needs to be constant. As we improve in one area or peel back a layer of ourselves, we discover more that we need to work on. However, that thought doesn’t have to weigh us down. If we make character refinement a part of our mind-set, we can continue to grow simply by making slight adjustments on a daily basis. By doing so, we can float along the waves – never losing our forward momentum – but continuously maintaining our focus on bettering ourselves.

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