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Find your purpose

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Near Point Dume, Santa Monica Mountains, California (2/7/2021)

The Background:

This photograph was taken while I was driving back from a hike in the Malibu mountains heading towards the coast. As I was driving along the road, I noticed this hawk flying around looking for prey. I hopped out of the car and took several pictures as it soared above. Eventually, it stopped for a bit and perched on this dead tree. I loved the piercing look in the eyes of the bird as well as the wonderful contrast between the blue sky and the brown grass on the hillside

The Message:

When I look at this image, I see a certain strength and confidence projected in the gaze of the hawk. I think the secret to that confidence is knowing your role in the world. The hawk doesn’t need to grapple with existential questions or doubts about its self-worth – it knows what it needs to do, and it does it. We, on the other hand, often struggle with doubts, with a lack of confidence and with our self-esteem. Perhaps we can take a moment to appreciate that we too have a unique mission and purpose in life. We have a unique set of talents and strengths – as well as weaknesses and struggles – that combine to create a role that only we can fulfill in this world. Seeking out that purpose, searching for how we fit into G-d’s plans, is our life mission – and one that will give us a sense of purpose and confidence and help us recognize our self-worth.

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