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  • Ami Adler

Find Your Light

Rainshadow Trail, Olympic National Park, Washington (7/31/2023)

The Background:

I captured this image along the Rainshadow trail in Olympic National Park, Washington.  It was amazing to see the tree covered mountains – but it was truly breathtaking to see sunlight breaking through the dramatic clouds.

The Message:

We all have moments when life feels dark and there seems to be a cloud over everything we do.  We hope for the light that can break through the clouds.  I believe that we can find that light by finding our passion in life.  What activities get us excited and make us feel alive and connected?  When we are younger, we may have many passions - but as we get older, we may discover that we don’t get as excited by the same things.  We may not have the time to pursue them, we may find that we lack the physical capability, or the mental focus.  But it is so important that we continue to look for our passion – while it may change over time or be a collection of different pursuits – our passion projects and activities can be the light that guides the way to break through our darkness.

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