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  • Ami Adler

Face Forward

Shark Harbor – Catalina Island, California (5/20/2024)

The Background:

I captured this shot on my recent trip to Catalina Island.  We took the ferry into Two Harbors, then hiked over the hills to Little Harbor campground.  This shot was taken just before dinner on the second night from nearby Shark Harbor.  Normally, I would not shoot directly into the sun – instead I would be looking in the opposite direction to see how the light of the sun reflects on the areas around me.  In this case, I decided to break that rule and the results were truly dramatic.

The Message:

When confronted with challenges in life, we often try to avoid them entirely or, at least, to sidestep them as much as possible.  Confrontation, whether with ourselves or with others, can be uncomfortable and we have a natural tendency to search for another path.  Sometimes, though, the best approach is to confront our difficulties head on – to face forward and work through the pain and the discomfort.  By pushing through the darkness, we may find that we come out on the other side to a new light.  The greatest growth that we can experience often comes through our greatest challenges – through them we learn so much about how much lies hidden inside of us and how much we are truly capable of.

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