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  • Ami Adler

Extra Steps

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

California Coast at Point Cabrillo
Point Cabrillo, California (6/15/2023)

The Background:

I captured this image at Point Cabrillo on the California Coast. I loved the mix of the colors of the water along with the rugged nature of the coast in this area. However, I had my telephoto zoom lens and had to get a little creative to capture the full scene. To do so, I actually took 26 separate photos as I panned my camera across and down through the landscape. I then combined these individual pictures into a single image – it is not quite the same as being there, but I think it really captured the beauty of the scene.

The Message:

We all have areas where we feel that we have to put in extra effort to get the same results as others. These things just don’t come naturally to us, and we may question why it must be so difficult for us while we perceive that others have it easy. Ultimately, we may never know the real answer to this question – but it may be that taking the extra steps and having to work harder at something gives the result so much more depth and meaning. We gain from the extra steps we have to take, and we grow from having to put in the extra effort. I had to put more effort into capturing this image, but as a result I was able to capture a much larger scene, with much more detail than I could have with a single shot.

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