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  • Ami Adler

Expectations and Reality

The Background:

Several months ago, I was feeling down and felt that I needed to recharge with a local hike and some photography. I headed to the Santa Monica Mountains – to the Santa Ynez Waterfall trail in Topanga Canyon. I was expecting to find a waterfall at the end of the trail, but instead, there was just a small trickle. However, the rock face was covered in these beautiful ferns, and I was able to capture this shot of a single scarlet monkeyflower blooming in the middle of the greenery.

The Message:

We often have certain expectations in life only to find that our reality turns out to be very different. This may be true on a macro level regarding our family, career or position in life. It can also be true on a daily basis with the small surprises and disappointments that we encounter all the time. I think the key point is to recognize that G-d is constantly guiding our steps – whatever situation we find ourselves in is where we are truly meant to be. Instead of trying desperately to hold on to our prior expectations – if we can let go and accept our current reality with love and grace, then we may be able to appreciate the beauty of the small flower instead of the massive waterfall.

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