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  • Ami Adler


Maui, Hawaii

The Background:

I captured this shot along the coast of the island of Maui in Hawaii. I loved the combination of the tree, the rocks and the whitened log in the foreground, the island in the background and the amazing cloud formations above. I also loved the mystery of this little island which appears to have nothing but a few palm trees growing from its top.

The Message:

I think many of us have a fantasy of escaping to a deserted island – we think that if we could just get away from all our problems then everything would be better. However, I think we make a fundamental mistake in that approach. If all of our problems in life were caused by external factors, then perhaps getting away would help. However, so many of our challenges are really internal. Our shortcomings, our personal failings and often our attitudes are a big part of the problem. So much of our struggle comes from our own inner dialog and thoughts – whether we are worrying incessantly about the future, putting blame on others or projecting our fears and frustrations – we can’t run away from any of that. Wherever we go, we still need to face ourselves. If we can accept our situation and, more importantly, accept ourselves – and face our challenges with positivity - we will be on the path to true happiness and will not need to be looking for an escape.

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