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  • Ami Adler

Dewdrop or Teardrop?

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Pine Flat Lake, California (3/20/2022)

The Background:

This photo was taken at Pine Flat Lake near Sequoia National Park. I started this hike before sunrise, and I only saw a single person on the entire hike. I came across a patch of Golden Poppies and loved the early morning dew drops still clinging to this one flower. I had to be very careful when positioning my tripod – trying to get close enough to isolate the flower against a green background but making sure not to bump into it while I set up.

The Message:

When I first took this picture, I felt that the dewdrop represented mornings and new beginnings and it brought very positive feelings to my mind. At other times, I look back at this picture and see a teardrop instead – and feel the sadness that sometimes punctuates life. I think both are true – our perspective on the same event can be very different at times depending on how we are feeling. Sometimes we see hope and potential and sometimes we see sadness and pain. When we feel down, the important thing to remember is that those feelings are not permanent, we are not stuck in them forever. Like the dewdrop, which evaporated as the sun came out that day – if we allow the light and warmth of G-d into our lives, our sadness can evaporate in a moment.

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