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  • Ami Adler

Curves in the Road

The Background:

I took this shot on a photography workshop in Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. This was the first day of the workshop and we were exploring the main canyon of Zion National Park along the Virgin River. I loved this scene with the contrast between the yellow leaves and the red rocks of the canyon. The one element that really made this shot standout for me was the small bend in the tree trunk on the left-hand side of the image. It gives the picture some added interest and sets off the colors of the leaves while also providing overall balance to the scene.

The Message:

The curve in the tree trunk really captured my attention in this image. The tree must have been reacting to some natural phenomenon – seeking out the light, staying steady against the wind or potentially being impacted by a rock fall or other geologic event. I think in life we also make these types of adjustments to our trajectory in life. Sometimes we change directions seeking out the light – finding new things that fill us with joy and fulfillment. Other times, we make adjustments to avoid pain or challenging situations. It is important to keep in mind that the path of growth is one of facing our challenges and dealing with the underlying issues – not avoiding them. So, while we may need to take a temporary detour to avoid a difficult situation – our primary goal should be to follow the (sometimes more challenging) path towards the light. Our overall trajectory – and the adjustments we need to make – should be driven by positive growth and a desire to fill our lives with meaning.

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