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  • Ami Adler

Carving a Path

The Background:

I took this shot in Capitol Reef national Park in Utah. I had stopped at the Visitor Center to plan a few hikes for the day when I saw this scene right across the street. I hiked across the road and was able to capture this image with the golden fall foliage, the rippling river and the amazing light filtering in. Despite spending the rest of the day hiking and driving through this amazing park, I think this was my favorite shot of the day.

The Message:

In certain stages of a River’s development, it has many twists and turns and cuts away at the surrounding area. Later, the river has a straighter path and will stick to its defined banks. That same pattern can play out in our lives. Early on, we are constantly trying to change the environment around us – we want to exert our control over our situation and force the world to conform to our vision or needs. Later in life, I think we begin to realize that accepting our situation and recognizing that we are not in control will lead us to a happier path. We stop being frustrated with our lot in life and stop trying to manipulate situations to meet our desired outcomes. We can live within the boundaries of our lives, accept that G-d is in control and enjoy the smooth flow that comes from that realization.

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