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  • Ami Adler


The Background:

This image was captured in the Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area near Pearblossom California. I love the simplicity of this photo – the balance/contrast between the blue and the white and the lone bush growing out of a small crack in the rock.

The Message:

We are all looking for balance and simplicity in life. But, for better or for worse, life is complicated and full of ups and downs. (The same is true in this photo which appears to be quite simple, but if you look closer you will see many patterns, textures and cracks in the rock face). If we can remind ourselves of what is really important and try and stay focused on that – we will have a real chance of maintaining our balance. Don’t let the little things distract us and throw us off – stay anchored to what matters (like the small bush in the photo) and don’t let go.

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