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  • Ami Adler

Alone in the Crowd

The Background:

I took this shot in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. We spent the early afternoon wandering around these unique rock formations – the “Goblins” that give this location its name. As the sun started to set, we came out of the valley to shoot from this vantage point overlooking the valley and towards the snow-capped mountains. I love the combination of the unique landscape in the foreground combined with the mountains in the background and the hints of a colorful sunset on the horizon.

The Message:

Looking down on this scene, it is not hard to imagine these rock formations as groups of people gathered around having conversations. Some people look forward to social situations and being around other people while others would prefer to avoid them. Isolation and the accompanying loneliness can be very detrimental to growth - but it is also possible to be around lots of people and still feel very isolated. Being around others without making real connections can sometimes create a far worse sense of isolation then choosing to be on your own. I think one approach to breaking free of these feelings is to open up to others and share – tapping into real feelings creates real connections. When we share our inner struggles, we will often discover that others are dealing with similar issues and challenges – and instead of feeling alone, we can feel uplifted and connected. To avoid loneliness, we must get out and spend time with others, but we also must work to go beyond the superficial and try and create real connections.

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